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Introducing – SMILEYS! The Happy-Go-Tearless Sweet Onion


Introducing Smileys™ – the happy-go-tearless and sweet onion that's changing the game! Available in stores now, this innovative variety is set to revolutionize how we approach onions, promising to elevate your cooking experience.

Over time, Smileys tear-inducing properties dissipate, leaving behind tear-free, sweet, and mild-mannered onions. Say goodbye to teary chopping sessions and say hello to Smileys - the tearless, naturally cultivated sweet onions that will elevate dishes with a delectable flavor.  Smileys are perfect for salads, stir-fries, and all of your holiday recipes!

Slice into the best features of Smileys:


1. Tearless Chopping: Say goodbye to watery eyes when chopping onions. Smileys onions are naturally cultivated to minimize the release of irritants that cause eye discomfort.


2. Sweet Flavor: Smileys deliver a delightful and mild onion flavor that enhances a wide variety of dishes. With a delightfully sweet eating quality, Smileys are perfect for any recipe, raw or cooked!


3. Grown with Care: Our onion growers take pride in sustainable and environmentally responsible farming practices, ensuring that Smileys are cultivated with care and a deep respect for the planet.

Get ready to transform your kitchen experience with Smileys™. Head to stores now and experience the tearless, sweet sensation for yourself!

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