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Syracuse, UT - Onions 52, a leading innovator in the onion industry, announces plans to launch a game-changing product at an upcoming international produce convention: meet Smileys™, a naturally tearless and sweet onion poised to redefine the culinary landscape.

Unlike conventional onions that elicit tears during preparation, Smileys offer a refreshing alternative. During the curing process, Smileys tear-inducing properties dissipate, leaving behind tear-free, sweet, and mild-mannered onions. Say goodbye to teary chopping sessions and welcome Smileys - naturally tearless and sweet onions.


Falon Brawley, Director of Marketing, commented on the new launch and said, “We are delighted to bring Smileys to life and let everyone try this exquisite onion at the upcoming IFPA. Smileys are available late fall through April, with multiple taste and tearlessness tests determining the starting ship date. We will not ship them until they are ready.”

Brawley continued, “Smileys are versatile, and hold up when cooking, so they can be used in every recipe where an onion is called for. Smileys are truly tearless, have a satisfying crunch like an apple, and become even sweeter over time.”

Smileys are available in 2lb, 3lb, and 5lb high-graphic grab-and-go bags, with bright pink, cheerful branding to denote the joyful cooking experience one receives when chopping onions without crying. Complimentary point-of-sale materials and display bins are also available, along with pre-written social media toolkits, and additional marketing resources to help educate consumers on the culinary magic of Smileys.

Stop crying and start smiling with Smileys onions!

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